Tek Diving

This Mexican coast has a particularly well-adapted climate for diving; the water is warm and crystal clear, which allows diving almost all year long in excellent conditions.
Dives are diversified and well-adapted for Tek Diving: from «El Cantil», the drop located between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, all the magnificent falls in Cozumel or the magical Yucatan cenotes, so numerous in this area of Mexico and also close to the Dive Centre.

Phocea Mexico offers all DSAT Tek trainings (DSAT is PADI Tek branch) through the following courses:

  • Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50,
  • Tec 65 Trimix, Tec Trimix Diver,
  • Tec Sidemount,
  • Tec Rec DSAT Deep Instructeur

Also all TDI Cave trainings through the courses :

  • Cavern,
  • Intro to Cave,
  • Full cave.

If you already have a Full Cave certification from a recognized dive organization, you may wish to go and explore the cenotes, go to places where almost nobody has ever been and experience a wonderful moment of Mayan history visiting an underground network of rivers where you will be able to see Mayan vestiges such as pottery in an incredible crystal clear water.

We also offer packages combining different courses in one program, just the courses or all-inclusive formulas with accommodation at our Plaza Hotel by Phocea in Playa del Carmen or at the Villablanca Hotel in Cozumel, including meals.

Tek Diving : Certifications & Rates

Included : the guide, gas
Non-included : the equipment (option to rent it for 50 or 60 USD a day).
Prices for Trimix diving and trainings are likely to vary depending on the price of helium.

Practices in partnership with Pat VANSTRAELEN & Abyss UWE

tek diving

Under the supervision of Pat Vanstraelen, Technical Cave & Trimix Instructor Trainer, this stay is focused in divers that want to be trained in underground technical diving and for certified divers that want to take advantage of the organization, expertise and logistics made available by “Abyss Underwater World Explorers” to do exceptional dives. Thanks to more tan 20 years of experience inside the Mexican caverns, Pat will guide you through the most beautiful systems in the Yucatan peninsula.
Throughout this stay it will be possible for you to get IANTD, TDI and/or CMAS certifications. Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave Diver, Full Cave Diver, Technical Full Cave Diver, Sidemount Cave Diver, DIR Rebreather Overhead, Stage & Multi Stages Cave Diver, DPV & Advanced DPV Cave Diver.

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