This activity is appropriate for all family members from 7 to 77 years old.

The whale sharks exit is: “100% guaranteed or you get your money back”.

Swimming with the Whale Sharks

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus), the largest fish in the world, are probably the most spectacular marine creature on the planet and the most unknown.
They can measure up to 60 ft. and weigh up to 34 tons. These docile and huge fish are a great attraction for recreational divers. They feed mainly on plankton, seaweed, small fish and crustaceans.
Many whale sharks (male and female) can be spotted off the coast of Cancun, by the island of Holbox and by the island of Contoy. This is due to the circulation of currents that bring more food to the area.
As a filter fish, whale sharks depend entirely on the good quality of their habitat.
Any modification could affect the conservation of their species. The own characteristics of whale sharks, their slow development, such as slow maturation, their size and longevity make them a fragile species.

Whale Sharks Day – From June to September

It is unique and magical, since it makes it possible to swim with the giants of the sea in full safety, as they are inoffensive.

We have here the greatest concentration of whale sharks in the world, with regroupings of more than 400 specimens at the same place, in high season. Moreover, we carry out this outing in clear waters, making it possible to perfectly observe them and to get a maximum benefit from this single spectacle in the world.

The day starts departing from the hotel at around 6:00 A.M. to take the road towards Punta Sam (in the North of Cancun).
Then, departure on maximum-10-people fast boats to go to the site.

Once the whale sharks are located, swimmers get two by two into the water accompanied by a guide. We are the only Center of the area not to have the obligation to put waistcoats to swim with them and being able to use only a shorty (short combination) so that the best swimmers can do a little apnea alongside these marvelous fish, which can reach more than 40 feet long.

We remain on the site as long as people wish, so that everyone can really take advantage from it. We frequently see manta rays at the same time than whale sharks, and many dolphins all along the way.

Then, we go to Isla Mujeres (the island located opposite the North of Cancun) to have lunch in a beach restaurant. Then, you will have accesses to “Club Cars” (golf carts) in order to allow you to make a one-hour tour to discover this beautiful island that has remained authentic, with its commercial streets and its deserted beaches.

Whale Sharks Day rate

– 190 $ USD whale shark day all included

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