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Dive in La Paz

La Paz is the capital of Lower California (Baja California in Spanish); it is THE big city of the area. White town with Mexican soul (more than Los Cabos), it offers simple pleasures as walking along the Malecón (the sea promenade) during sunset, discovering beautiful beaches, particularly at Pichilingue. The Espíritu Santo Island is the big attraction in the area; it is right there where we will dive with the sea lions.

Situated on the coast of the Gulf of California, at a two-hour drive north from Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, capital of Lower California South, is straight on the Sea of Cortés. It is a worldwide known spot for being the habitat of sea lions, whales, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks… not to mention giant squids…

Esperitu Santo Island

Whether you want to dive, practice snorkeling, kayak or camping… you cannot visit La Paz without exploring the archipelago of Espíritu Santo.

esperitu santo

Isla Espíritu, the main island, is 12 miles (19 km) long and 3 miles (5 km) wide. This desert of 23,800 hectares is one of the most pristine ecosystems of Lower California. Archaeologists have found remains indicating that humans have lived on this island for more than 40,000 years. The natural preservation of Isla Espíritu Santo is marvelous.

UNESCO protected biosphere, the island was ceded to the Mexican Government in 2003 thanks to the cooperative efforts of several non-profit organizations that raised US$ 3,3 million to compensate landowners for the loss of their lands. It is now managed by a Mexican Commission that created protected natural areas and which also cooperates with non-profit groups to protect 10 other private islands in the gulf.

Get to Espiritu Santo

All dives are undertaken outside the Bay of La Paz. The most interesting ones are a priori around the archipelago of Espíritu Santo. Departing from La Paz, it takes an hour to reach the southern tip of the archipelago.

The crossing itself is already worth its weight in gold. You can observe birds by the hundreds, schools of Mobula rays, dolphins… and even a humpback whale at the surface… This place is literally packed with animals of all kinds!

Diving with sea lions: The Islotes

On the top North of the archipelago, there are two small islands known as Islas Lobos. This is where a colony of Californian sea lions, Zalophus Californianus, has been established and resides all year-round, which guarantees to see them both diving and snorkeling.

This dive is extremely simple as the immersion takes place just facing the colony over a floor of a maximum of 26 feet (8 meters) in depth. You just have to get into the water and a few fin-strokes will get you closer to the herd of sea lions. They spend their time basking in the sun, and then they go into the sea to cool off, but they especially play in the water. There is no need to force the situation; it’s just like we humans; some are more sociable than others. When one of them is on a playful mood, it plants itself in front of you and there is no need for words, there you go… let’s have fun!

Diving in La Paz

There are some fifteen diving spots in La Paz:

plongée La Paz dive sites

When getting in La Paz

The tourist season goes on in fact during the cooler months, from October to May, with a peak from December to February when the average temperature goes down to… 68°F. (20°C.)!


It is from July to December that visibility is the best at often more than 80 feet (25 meters). From September to November, whale sharks gather in the bay where they feed on plankton. Nothing to do, however, with the gathering that takes place every summer in Isla Mujeres, close to Playa del Carmen.

From December to March, gray whales and humpback whales are found in large numbers in the surroundings, as well as Mobula rays. It is though the time when the water is the coldest and when visibility is less good.

La Paz Recreational Diving Rates

La Paz Training Rates

Marina Palmira Hotel

89-room hotel with bar, restaurant, swimming pool and parking. Each room has 2 double beds, hair-dryer, air-conditioning, telephone, a sofa, a desk and a flat screen cable TV; every room has a sea view. Free Wi-Fi Internet throughout the hotel. The dive center is just 1-minute walk from the hotel.

Tarifs Hotel Marina

Gray Whale Tour

The observation of this mammal is one of the most vivid experiences that you can live in Mexico. It is the great attraction during winter. Thousands of gray whales come to mate and to bring small calves into the world, between January and April, before returning to the North for the summer.

– 6:00 AM: Depart from La Paz
– 9H 30: Arrival to San Carlos and local breakfast
– 10H 30: Observation of gray whales, birds, sea lions, mangroves and dunes, where we will get lunch – 5H of unforgettable trip
– 7:30 PM: Back in La Paz

Rate for the day: 210 $ USD

Humpback Whale Tour

A breathtaking spectacle, when you attend these whales ballets that seem to be performed just for you.

Accompanied by groups of dolphins, whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is an unforgettable experience!

Each year, between December and April we welcome whale colonies that migrate from the cold Bering Sea in Alaska to the warm waters of Baja to feed, play, give birth and mate. Los Cabos is one of the best places for whale watching in the world, as more than five species of whales swim in these waters during their annual migration.

• 6:00 AM: Depart from La Paz
• 6H 30: Stop over for local breakfast
• 10H45: Arrival to Cabo San Lucas
• 11:00 AM: Observation of humpback whales – 2H30 of unforgettable trip
• 2:30 PM: Lunch
• 7:00 PM: Back in La Paz

Rate for the day: 250 $ USD.


baleine à bosses la paz

Mexican law prohibits getting into the water with the whales. Therefore, the only chance is to observe them from the boat…

Whale Shark in La Paz

We offer you a half-day outing to see these friendly giants. You can jump into the water and snorkel to observe them.

Rate for half-a-day: 90 $ USD

la paz requin baleine

Self-Drive Tours & Excursions

Same idea as for the Self-drive Tours on the Caribbean side, we offer you excursions by the day as well as Self-drive Tours for you to discover this wonderful Mexican region. Please contact us for more details.

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The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

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