The idea to create a marine sanctuary was born 22 years ago, powered by the Castro family. The town families stopped all fishing activities and switched to eco tourism, offering visitors diving and snorkeling tours.

The conservation policies are very strict with a drastic limitation on the amount of visitors on the different dive sites. Therefore, the marine park of Cabo Pulmo has become one of the most fish abundant in the region.

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Bull sharks (males) can be seen from December to April; also hammerhead sharks are usual to be spotted. During the winter you can also see the mobulas, creating an amazing show underwater and leaping through the surface.

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Besides its reefs full of fish, ones that we can reach within minutes of navigation, it is possible to dive with amazing creatures; for example, it is possible to see a huge school of mackerels with thousands of fish throughout all year (famous thanks to the National Geographic black and white cover).

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Day 1:
Around 3pm, after the morning dives at La Paz, we will take a comfortable van that will take us to Cabo Pulmo; it takes about 2 and a half hours, through a colorful road that will take your breath away.
After we are settled at the hotel bungalows, we will meet the Castro family that with delight us with a traditional meal cooked by the “mama”. You can be sure that you wont starve.
The bungalows are just two minutes on foot away from the dive center; they are very comfortable and recently renovated (with hot water and AC).

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Day 2:
After spending the night in a surreal tranquility, we will have breakfast and we will leave to do 3 dives with David (the son) accompanied by some of the guides in his staff. The translation of the briefing (if needed) will be conducted by an instructor from Phocea.
We will dive in a real marine park, this is why we follow some rules; we will have a maximum bottom time, we will choose little crowded dive sites and we will have groups of no more that five divers per guide. These rules will help us enjoy these truly amazing dive sites so close from La Paz.
On the way back, lunch will be waiting for us; and then we will take the road back to La Paz so you can keep on diving the next day.

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This excursion is for divers with at least Level 2, this is due to the different depths of the dive sites (if you are not Level 2 yet, you can do this course back in La Paz before departing for this tour). Dives are simple, there is no current and visibility is up to 30m during the summer, whilst during the winter it varies due to the high concentration of plancton in the water (this is why we can sometimes see very larges marine animals).
Kids are welcome in this tour.
Back from this tour you will have the feel like you lived an unforgettable experience in a unique place where tourism hasn’t leave its mark yet. During your stay in Cabo Pulmo, the Castro family offers you the possibility of discovering the kindness and joy full way of living for the Mexicans.

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Price : 349 USD all included

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Rules of diving in Cabo Pulmo

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