Yucatan Cenotes Expeditions

Discovering the Mayan world through almost unexplored cenotes.
This out of the ordinary adventure leads us to dive in the farthest cenotes of Yucatan; incredible rarely visited cenotes, lost in the middle of the jungle through paths opened with a machete.
A total immersion in the Mayan world, meeting extraordinary people, who only speak Maya, but have a golden heart and will be able to communicate their love for their land, their culture, and their cuisine to you.
A unique experience, so if you are ready, let’s go!

Cenotes Expeditions : Day 1

Departure for Merida, making a stop on the way to refresh us in the cenote named Samula, then we go to Dzonot, a typical restaurant near the cenote; then, back to civilization to get to Merida late in the afternoon. Merida, capital of Yucatan, is a bustling and lively town, which offers you some visits (its Cathedral, its main square, its craft market…) that will contrast with your daily adventures.
Overnight in Merida and dinner in a restaurant that will allow us to sample all Yucatec dishes, with 4 different dishes to start learning about the local culinary art.

Cenotes Expeditions : Day 2

Departure for a first dive at the Kankirixche cenote, its underground galleries will enchant all divers.
Then, another dive at Yaalutsil, on the same network as Kankirixche.

Lunch at the typical Ochil Hacienda and then drive to the Dzombakal cenote for another dive on the same day. Access is in the jungle by stairs, to arrive to its waters of extraordinary clarity.

Then return to civilization, for a night in Merida; dinner in a restaurant with 4 dishes to choose from.

Cenotes Expeditions : Day 3

After a 2 hours down a path, arrival at the Noh Moson cenote, a dive with an abseiling down and guides to carry the tanks (that gives an idea of the accessibility of the site), to arrive to a well of clear water where the roots of the trees flow, awesome!

Then a good deserved meal that our Mayan friend has prepared for us.

Second dive of the day at Nahya, cenote accessible by a stairway and a wooden pontoon, it is much darker than the others, and gives you the feeling of entering the Lair of darkness. This is not the time to forget one’s lamp! Then return to Merida for one well-deserved night, but previously a good small typical restaurant to regain strength and share the emotions of the day.

Cenotes Expeditions : Day 4

Departure from Mérida, with our luggage, as tonight is the adventure!
A truly unique and extraordinary dive in the Kanun cenote, that is reached abseiling down, and always with the help of our guides. This cenote is really lost in the middle of nowhere. A dive in the center of the Earth, there is not enough adjectives to describe this experience. The descent into this well already bide the unusual, the atypical, and you can be breath-taken when arriving at the bottom, where you can find skeletons of animals and sometimes of humans, a dive that leaves us speechless.

Maria will have prepared well-hearty snacks, so divers are restored and can relax with a swim in the Bal Mil cenote.
Then towards Na Lu Um to sleep in beaten earth “cabañas” where our hosts will teach us the Mayan hospitality with a meal especially prepared for us, and where customers may relax with a “Temazcal” (Mayan traditional ceremony and steam bath).

Cenotes Expeditions : Day 5

Visit to the site of Mayapan. The city of Mayapan is a fortified town considered as the great Mayan capital by the Chronicles of the Indies. Its name apparently means “the Mayan flag”. During its heyday, at the Postclassical period, between 120 and 1450 A.D., the population grew to twelve thousand inhabitants according to archaeological estimates.


Mayapan was the seat of the Mayapan League, a confederation that brought together the caciques of Uxmal and Chichen Itza during the period of glory of the Mayan civilization.
Then we will take the road to Playa del Carmen. Overnight in Playa del Carmen.

This exit remains reserved for divers with at least level 2 having already a good experience in diving.
This program is really unique in its kind, and offers an approach of diving very different from what is generally done, far from civilization, in the middle of the Mayan culture and the Mayas (the true people, not the villages visited by tourists). This is why you can also advise your customers to bring small gifts for this simple and very modest population (pencils, pens, notebooks, small toys…).

Cenotes Expeditions : schedule

2017’s Schedule :
From 20/07 -> 24/07
From 17/08 -> 21/08
From 21/09 -> 25/09
From 19/10 -> 23/10
From 16/11 -> 20/11
From 07/12 -> 11/12

2018’s Schedule :
From 18/01 -> 22/01
From 15/02 -> 19/02
From 15/03 -> 19/03
From 19/04 -> 22/04
From 17/05 -> 21/05
From 21/06 -> 25/06
From 19/07 -> 23/07
From 16/08 -> 22/08
From 20/09 -> 24/09
From 18/10 -> 22/10
From 15/11 -> 19/11
From 06/12 -> 10/12

Cenotes Expeditions : Rates

1249 $ USD all included

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