Cenotes Diving

The cenotes, pearls of the Yucatan… This underwater network is unique in the world. In fresh water with an unlimited visibility, you discover the mysteries of this mineral world. You will see stalagmites and stalactites, of course, but also huge underwater cathedrals and breathtaking light effects.

Dos Ojos and Chac Mool are two of the most famous cenotes, but we also invite you to discover Angelita, a cenote in which decaying plants form a sulfur cloud that makes you feel like you are flying when diving through.

Some unforgettable dives, so typical of this area of Mexico.

You cannot miss them! “Cenotes” have always had a vital role for the Mayas in this dry land, but they were also a worship place.

The Mayas considered them as a way to communicate with the gods of the underworld, the cave representing a mouth. In fact, they used them as freshwater storage, and also as a worship place in which they threw offerings. “Cenotes” are sinkholes in the middle of the jungle.

They are formed when the limestone ground dissolves and collapses above an underground network of caves and rivers.

This geological feature is typical of the Yucatan peninsula and creates natural wells that can be of a large size. Some of them can have freshwater on the surface and salt water deep down. Between the two, there is a blurry zone where waters mix, which is called “halocline”, with an important difference in temperature, called “thermocline”.

We meet at 8 a.m. at the Dive Center, we check that nothing is missing, and drive to the Yucatan jungle to discover the famous cenotes.

Open to divers with a Level 1 certification and good buoyancy control. The tour provides two different 45-minutes dives.

On our way back, we will stop for a quick local lunch before returning to the Dive Center around 2 p.m.

The following equipment is recommended to dive in cenotes: 5mm wetsuit (the water is cooler than in the sea), mask and fins (no snorkel required), classic regulator, classic BCD, dive computer, if you have one, lamp.

Of course you can rent the equipment from us, and we also have new equipment for sale at our Store, if you are interested.

Best Cenotes dives

Cenotes diving packages

– Package 2 Cenotes Dives (2 different sites) included transportation from/to Playa del Carmen, tanks, weight, lunch : 135 $ USD from Playa / 155 $ USD from Cozumel (ferry included)
– Package 2 Cenotes Dives “ADVENTURE” (2 Cénotes Angelita, El Pit, …) included transportation from/to Playa del Carmen, tanks, weight, lunch : 159 $ USD from Playa / 170 $ USD from Cozumel (ferry included)

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